National Online Conversations on INDIGENOUS LAWS

Drawing together Indigenous governance experts to provide further understanding and support on issues surrounding the recognition and enforcement of Indigenous laws.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans to host a 2nd National Indigenous Law Enforcement Conference have been delayed until 2021.  

As it is not possible to hold a large in-person conference at this time, we have adapted the 2020 planned session into a series of national online conversations.

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Oct 30 MRP Webinar Agenda
Oct 30 MRP Webinar Agenda

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About our Webinars

These national online conversations are a series of enforcement webinars, promoting dialogue between Indigenous governments and the Government of Canada, on how to address the challenges of creating effective and affordable enforcement systems for Indigenous laws.  

We invite you to listen in on the live sessions, take part in question and answer periods, or review past webinars.

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Past Events

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Click on the images below to download media and material from each session

 "Looking forward to more of these and continuing the conversation!"

Lisa D. 

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Take part in the Conversation

Across Canada, many First Nation, Inuit and Métis governments are operating under expanded recognition of self-government authority, enacting increasingly sophisticated laws, and establishing their own enforcement capacity and systems.


At the same time, many leaders have reached out to federal and provincial governments to explore how Indigenous law making can or should interact with federal and provincial enforcement systems and courts.

Saskatchewan Enforcement Pilot Project:
Muskoday and Whitecap Dakota First Nations

May 26, 2021

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